A fresh approach to your business change needs


Spring Business Consulting is a responsive and innovative consultancy that works with organisations to provide expert, practical business advice and strategies to build organisational performance… for now and tomorrow.

Change is the only constant, and that’s why getting your change management model right is so important. Today’s business environment has never been more competitive or more fluid, and we understand that to stay one step ahead of the competition requires rigorous planning, regular self-evaluation, a clear pathway forward, and fine-tuning the right propositions and product offerings to be successful in the marketplace.

Whether change is forced upon you, or part of a planned organisational strategy, we can equip your business with the skills to lead your people through it, emerging stronger afterwards… ready to grow new sectors, invest in new markets, or refocus your business back to its core purpose.

The Principal of Spring BC, Jenny Haddad, brings a wealth of experience in managing, leading and supporting positive change initiatives across a variety of industries to a wide cross section of businesses. 


Spring is… rejuvenation and the birth of a season of renewal. Successful organisations regularly think about new seasons, whether it is how to grow their business, invest in new markets, or refocus back to their core purpose. Spring BC helps businesses define future direction, with clear and implementable strategies on how to get there, and handle the bumps along the way.

Spring is… forward momentum and energy. Often we know where we’re going, yet need some reinvigoration to help us go the distance. Spring BC helps motivate teams, refocussing them on their purpose and helping them work together better to achieve a common vision.

Spring is… guidance and support. When navigating through change, it’s beneficial to receive guidance and encouragement – whether that’s organisational change or a personal transition to a changing or challenging workplace role. Spring BC has the expertise to help you navigate your way through change and challenges, to achieve a positive outcome.