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The first step in any engagement process is to comprehensively understand your needs and help you define specific objectives and desired outcomes. We then design an engaging program to ensure those objectives are met.

Choose from our range of services:

  • Facilitation, including strategic planning, team improvement and leadership skills sessions

  • Training, including consultative selling skills and team building

  • Business consulting & coaching, including change management, business planning and leadership coaching

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To achieve successful business change there are discussions that need to happen, meetings that must be held, problem solving that needs doing and plans to be developed. As a business leader, you need impartial, professional facilitation to help steer you and your colleagues to productive outcomes.

It’s often difficult to do this yourself, especially when it’s important that you’re involved in the discussions.

That’s why an independent facilitator is invaluable. Spring BC can step in and free you up to focus on what’s important.


You and your team members need ongoing training and development so that you can continue to be effective in taking on bigger and more significant challenges.

Not only that, training also helps build more effective organisations. Through developing individual skills, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes and employee engagement, your business will thrive throughout change and ever-shifting business challenges. Done properly and deployed strategically, training can help your organisation better achieve its business objectives and improve its competitive position.

Business Coaching & Consulting

From time to time, you will have a need to access expert guidance in a particular area to help you improve your business or personal performance. You might be a leader wanting to improve your leadership performance, or a group or team that needs to perform more effectively.

External coaching is invaluable. Time spent with a consultant or coach gives you access to deeper levels of expertise when you need it most.

Our business coaching and consulting services cover:

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