Professional Services Skills

Why It Is Needed

Many of us have fabulous technical skills that we’ve built up over the years and which makes us valuable. However, we often get to a point where this is not enough and we need to be more skilled at dealing with and engaging clients effectively. It’s about making the transition from technical expert to professional services provider and indeed, trusted adviser.

What We Offer

There are a range of skills required to be effective in client service and to be a trusted adviser. Spring Business Consulting offers interactive and relevant skills training sessions that includes:

  • Communication skills that engage and inspire

  • Rapport building skills through gaining a better understanding of different personal styles and how to best engage with them

  • Understanding client needs better through effective questioning and listening and dealing with unexpected questions and situations

  • Structuring solutions logically from a client’s perspective

  • Providing professional advice through understanding client issues, needs and how to deliver advice from their perspective

What You Can Expect

Greater ability to build rapport with clients and understand their issues and needs

  • Improved ability to provide professional advice from a client’s perspective

  • Better structured solutions that meet client needs

  • Better ability to think on your feet in those inevitable tricky situations

Some Examples Of What We’ve Done

Delivered workshops around understanding different personal styles and tailoring interactions to suit differences for more effective interactions

  • Designed, delivered and managed multiple client engagement skills training courses to over 250 people around Australia

  • Designed and delivered workshops to improve communication skills

  • Designed and delivered sales role play scenarios for a growing financial planning practice

  • Worked with a growing not-for-profit in building and developing their client engagement skills

Our services are provided in the following areas: