Leadership and Management

Why It Is Needed

“Making sure the work is done is the accomplishment of a manager. Inspiring others to do better work is the accomplishment of a leader.”
John Maxwell

Whether it’s our job to inspire others to work passionately towards a vision, or to ensure the mechanics of the vision are achieved by a group of people, leadership and management skills are lifelong learning areas for those who want to operate at their best in organisations.

In today’s business world where standardising processes and procedures is the norm, it is in the areas of management and leadership that will give organisations their competitive advantage and edge.

What We Offer

There are a plethora of skills required to be effective in management and leadership. Spring Business Consulting offers interactive and relevant skills training sessions that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Communication skills that engage and inspire your people

  • Understanding yourself and others in order to be a more effective leader

  • Giving and receiving feedback in order to improve performance

  • Coaching skills for managers

  • Constructive conversations in order to enhance business relationship effectiveness

  • Leadership skills required to support people through organisational change

  • Strategic thinking and vision setting

  • Management and leadership coaching

What You Can Expect

Greater ability to build rapport and connect with your staff

  • More confidence in handling difficult conversations and coaching for performance improvement

  • Support and guidance through leadership transitions

  • Ability to connect own personal and professional values with your people in order to build organisational commitment

  • Alignment to organisational vision and objectives

Some Examples Of What We’ve Done

Designed and facilitated a senior leaders offsite with over 140 leaders which influenced the strategic direction of a large Australian insurance company

  • Designed and facilitated a workshop to build skills in constructive conversations and giving feedback for managers at a major Australian airline

  • Designed and delivered a 4-day management development program for a large Property Services company

  • Developed a framework for management and leadership training including the development of 8 courses, for a large Australian Insurance Company

  • Leadership development workshops to help understand the impact of change on people and organisations

  • Fun team building activities for Executive group to help improve thinking-on-your-feet skills

  • Designed and delivered a workshop for emerging leaders on doing business in the London market. This was a multi-national team with both internal and external stakeholders

  • Developed a facilitator’s competency model to train people in facilitation

Our services are provided in the following areas: