Change Management

Why It Is Needed

According to research by McKinsey & Co, about 70% of changes in all organisations fail. Match this with research from IBM which concluded that the need to lead change is growing, but our ability to do it is shrinking, and we see a compelling need to give attention to change management. Furthermore, whilst we can spend considerable resources getting the strategy right it’s ultimately the response of the people in your organisation that will determine whether the hoped for change is a success or failure. Have you got your change management approach right?

What We Offer

There are so many types of organisational changes and therefore so many types of change management requirements. Spring Business Consulting offers a range of change management capabilities and services, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Scoping a change management initiative

  • Building change management capability in your organisation, leadership and project teams

  • Change management workshops to understand the process of change and strategies for success

  • Providing change management deliverables and consultation regarding stakeholder management, communication planning, training strategies and roll out plans

  • Change management coaching to leaders and project teams

What You Can Expect

Better understanding of the importance of change management to the success of projects and initiatives

  • Better equipped project teams and managers to lead their teams through change

  • Leaders and managers coached through the process of ensuring successful change

  • Better engaged employees as a result of more attention being given to the people-side of the change

Some Examples Of What We’ve Done

Change management for major cultural change programs in the APAC region

  • Facilitated workshops to equip leaders to support their teams through a major restructure

  • Set up of change management function for large insurance broking company

  • Change Manager for the national rollout of new client service standards for an insurance broker

  • Project & Change Manager for global bespoke CRM rollout for over 1200 people world-wide

  • Change Manager for a range of projects including GST implementation for a state energy organisation; English construction tax scheme; SAP financials implementation; Peoplesoft CRM implementation; Training strategy for major investment bank and more.

  • Facilitation of a number of Asia-Pacific leadership and integration conferences and workshops

  • Designed and facilitated workshops to define brand values that govern and define the desired business culture

  • Workshop for internal services group to understand how to provide better service to the client-facing part of the business

  • Workshop with newly merged companies in Asia/Pacific to understand mutual strengths and to define a combined winning culture

Our services are provided in the following areas: