Team Performance

Why It Is Needed

Whether well-functioning, perhaps not so…. or somewhere in between, all teams go through various stages and can do with some reinvigoration, energising, bonding and time out of the every-day to see how they can work better together. You may have heard the saying “Together Each Achieves More”? Often it’s helpful to have independent support to work out how to do this.

What We Offer

Teams of all sizes can benefit from a wide range of activities that aim to improve their effectiveness. This could be, but not limited to:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops and coaching to understand your own personality preferences, those of others and how to work with differences

  • Workshops to help define team culture and values

  • Workshops to understand the importance of each role in a team

  • Fun bonding sessions like Amazing Races, Theatre-type-sports and other fun team challenges….the possibilities are endless!

What You Can Expect

Greater team energy and motivation through better understanding of each other and clearer guidelines on behaviours that build great team cultures

  • Strategies to overcome the barriers and roadblocks to effective team work

  • Improved understanding of team dynamics and how to work together for better overall results

  • Improved capacity and confidence in team members from being taken out of comfort zones

Some Examples Of What We’ve Done

Delivered a range of MBTI workshops for leadership teams, high potential groups, project teams and functional teams

  • Developed and delivered leadership off-sites for between 40-140 leaders

  • Delivered a range of cultural change workshops to build understanding of organisational services for cross-selling purposes, understanding client needs and working together for the benefit of clients

  • Fun workshop and amazing race to help large IT project team to work better together and build further camaraderie

  • Workshop for internal services group to understand how to provide better service to the client-facing part of the business

  • Fun team building activities for Executive group to help improve thinking-on-your-feet skills

  • Workshop with newly merged companies in Asia/Pacific to understand mutual strengths and to define a combined winning culture

  • A range of really creative, fun team building activities that have been highlights of a range of conferences whilst still delivering serious business messages

  • Team building activities with Gen Y and Z groups

Our services are provided in the following areas: